Our philosophy is simple.  Food should taste good, and it shouldn't be a hassle or a burden.  We love to cook, and we want to cook for you.


Homecookd is food with soul and conscience, but without fads, diets, or categories. It’s food cooked in small batches, with attention to detail and your personal preferences. We cook with sustainable, seasonal, and local ingredients as much as possible, not because it’s trendy but because high-quality, responsible ingredients just taste better.

We’re chef-owned and chef-run, driven by flavor and quality, not fads and niches. We use high-quality ingredients because we want to feed you the same caliber of food we demand for ourselves and our families.

In short, it’s the kind of food that a chef delights in cooking, that a farmer delights in growing, and that you delight in eating, all with the ease of just a few clicks.


Executive Chef and Founder, Gretchen, has been cooking for nearly her entire life, from even before she could reach the stove without a stool.  Now, with culinary school training and years of experience, her range has expanded beyond macaroni and cheese and instant mashed potatoes, but she still approaches cooking with the same passion to feed hungry people and nourish both her family and yours.